Margin Enhancement

A recent study found that half of value creation in private equity deals comes from operational improvements.  Another study found that some of the biggest barriers to realizing value came in the form of operating company leadership with a "limited margin mindset," no internal sense of urgency, lack of skills and competencies, plus a lack of focus from the leadership team.

Out three pillar approach to Margin Enhancement has been proven to provide EBITDA growth while ensuring product and service quality.  Stop to think about it for just a moment.  Every day that goes by without operational performance improvement is another day of unrealized value.  The simple fact is, it doesn't have to be that way.  Explore the options below then contact us for more information.  


Operations Diagnostic

Leverage the best of your training and Lean Six Sigma initiative work.  Our Program and Initiative Diagnostic reveals opportunities to maximize your return & benefit from Lean Six Sigma and other quality improvements.



Margin Mining

We can help you find the “hidden factory” in your operation.  The hidden factory is that bundle of mistakes, re-work, and money down the drain that plagues most operations, day-in and day-out every working day of the year.



Benefits Realization

What is the ROI on your equity investment?  Once you account for training, resource, and implementation expenses, how do you quantify the value delivered?  The financial & organizational success of your work rests on how well you do this.