Find the hidden profit in your organization.  Lean Six Sigma allows you to find extra capacity, resources, productivity, at a discount.  No need to invest in extra equipment, facilities or “software.”  Using your existing staff, we partner with your management team to drive change and results.  There’s no need for weeks of sophisticated training, methodologies or statistics.  We use a very practical approach to increasing productivity and margins in your operation.  First, drive efficiency with Lean, then complement your improvements with Six Sigma to drive effectiveness, quality, and true customer enhancing improvements.


Drive efficiency and gain bottom line benefits using one of the easiest, yet robust improvement methodologies on the planet.  Lean has proven again and again to deliver improvements across manufacturing, operations, finances and back office activities.  It also sets the stage for helping your entire organization focus on continuous improvement.  A great starting point for most organizations:

  • 5S - Get your house in order, fast.

  • 7 Wastes - identify and eliminate the most common and costly wastes.

With these two first steps, you will establish a rock-hard foundation for sustainable gains in your company.  You will instantly get wins on two fronts: culturally, by showing your team how easy and beneficial lean is to start.  Then, financially, by delivering cost saving and margin improving enhancements.

Six Sigma

If 5S and 7 Wastes focus on efficiency, then Six Sigma will allow your company to use a powerful set of tools that focus on effectiveness, especially from your customer's perspective.  Although often used to deliver manufacturing excellence, Six Sigma is now commonly used in transactional environments, including sales, finance, HR, and customer service with great success.  The key focus here is on using data to identify potential root causes behind chronic issues impacting customers and employees.  By iterating through problems impacting customers, a company can begin to deliver exceptional service that ultimately drive sales and enhance reputation.

Big Data

With Six Sigma's focus on data, a natural evolution is the current trend to use Big Data to solve problems.  Six Sigma's long history of success has generated a set of tools extremely effective in analyzing large data sets and separating the "noise" from the "signal."    Whether looking at large customer data sets or sales and marketing information, our facility with data can help you mine insights and make decisions to accelerate your business.


The next step in optimizing your operation is to Digitize.  This means taking current processes that are manually intensive and automating them.  This is typically done after using Lean and Six Sigma to optimize your operation removing errors and inefficiencies.  If you don't optimize, then you automate a broken process, which results in the undesirable situation of creating more errors faster.  No one wants that, especially your customers.